Commercial Insurance.

Areas of Coverage



Make sure your business is covered with the right policy. Many businesses are either covered with an insurance policy that's too vast, or not covered enough. Let Legacy help you get the perfect coverage.


Natural disasters and accidents are far too common. Get you property covered so your business doesn't go under when mother nature or a fire strikes.


We don't want you business to fall apart because of an accident. We're here to make sure you have the coverage you need, because accidents seem to happen far too often.

Much More...

Whatever your business insurance needs are we can certainly help you get the right coverage you need, as quickly as you need it. 

Error of Omissions 

Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, that doesn't hold up in court. Make sure you're covered when you make an error that costs your clients money. This coverage can't wait.

Our Providers

US Risk


Texas Mutual


US Assure

CNA Surety